End of the relationship

If you get divorced, this will have consequences for your pension. This may include:

  • An official dissolution of the marriage.
  • A legal separation.
  • Termination of a registered partnership.

Sharing pension with your ex-partner
According to the law, you must share the retirement pension that you have built up during the marriage or partnership with your ex-partner. This applies if you were married or if you had a registered partnership. Your pension being divided between you and your ex-partner is called pension benefits equalisation. The same applies the other way around: if your ex-partner receives their own pension, you are entitled to part of that after the divorce.

If you die, your ex-partner will also be entitled to the partner pension that you accrued until the divorce. This is called special partner pension. This applies if you were married, had a registered partnership or were living together. Your ex-partner can waive the special partner pension.

Converting former partner pension agreements into a new pension
Normally, your former partner will only receive his/ her share of the retirement pension when you receive your pension benefit. However, you can also make other arrangements during the divorce. For example, your partner’s pension entitlements can be converted into a personal retirement pension. This starts when he / she retires. This is called conversion. The pension fund must agree to this and costs will be charged.

What needs to be done?
Please inform us of your request for pension conversion as soon as possible, in any case within two years following the divorce. Please let us know which distribution you have chosen using the form ‘Announcement of divorce in connection with the distribution of old-age pension’. You can download this form from www.rijksoverheid.nl.

If Pensioenfonds Detailhandel does not receive this form within two years, the pension fund will not pay the pension to the ex-partner but only to the participant. You then have to arrange the distribution of the pension yourself.