Every year the Pension Fund sets the premium percentages. Pension contributions are based on these percentages. In doing so, we base our calculations on the wage data that you have provided via the pension declaration.

How are pension contributions calculated?
Pension contributions are calculated on the pensionable salary up to the maximum wage under the Social Insurance  Funding Act (Wfsv). The Wfsv wage is recalculated each year. A current overview of this can be found here.

View the calculation examples

Your share of the pension premium
You pay your pension contribution to the Pension Fund. You may deduct part of the contribution from the wages of your employees. The proposed distribution can be found under Calculation figures (Rekencijfers).

How do you pay?
The pension premium you pay is based on the wage data in your pension declaration. Do you have monthly wage payments? If so, you will receive a monthly invoice. Is your pay period four-weekly? If so, you will receive an invoice every four weeks. You can specify how you would like to receive your invoice on the employer portal:

  • By post
  • By e-mail with pdf-attachment

By default, the set method of payment is transfer. You can specify how you would like to pay your premiums on the employer portal:

  • On receiving the invoice you can transfer the money yourself.
  • You can opt for direct debit on the due date of the invoice.
  • You can choose iDEAL, provided you have chosen to receive your invoice by e-mail. In the email you will find the link to iDEAL.

Timely payments
Every premium invoice has an expiry date. The premiums must be credited to our account before this due date. This is necessary for the proper implementation of the pension scheme on behalf of your employees. By paying on time you avoid – in extreme cases – extra costs for using a collection agency or bailiff.

The delivery and invoice dates show the approximate dates on which the invoices are to be expected.