Pensioenfonds Detailhandel is subject to mandation. This has been agreed by employers and employee organisations. In this way, both risks are shared and costs limited.

Who are participating?
The mandation of Pensioenfonds Detailhandel applies to your company if you are primarily engaged in the retail industry, the furnishing industry, the shoes, leather and leatherware industry and the wholesale trade in textile goods and related  products. The pension scheme is laid down in the pension regulations. This is mainly intended for your employees. In the Implementing Regulation you will find all the provisions employers have to comply with. In special cases, you can apply for exemption  from mandatory participation. Please submit your written application to the Pension Fund.

Voluntary affiliation
Are you, as an employer, not subject to mandatory affiliation, but is your company related to the Retail sector? Or have your business operations changed and do you want to participate in the pension scheme? If so, you may be able to choose voluntary affiliation to Pensioenfonds Detailhandel. Your employees will then build up the same pension entitlements as those of mandatory affiliated employers. Voluntary affiliation is only possible if you are not subject to mandatory affiliation to another sector pension fund.

You can send us a request for voluntary affiliation in the following situations:

  1. Your salary development is on average equal to that of the collective labour agreements of the retail sectors covered by the fund;
  2. There is a group relationship between the employer who wants to join voluntarily and another employer who is subject to mandatory affiliation with Pensioenfonds Detailhandel.
  3. You used to be subject to mandatory affiliation, but now no longer fall under mandatory affiliation with Pensioenfonds Detailhandel.

Would you like more information about voluntary affiliation or would you like to register with us? Please contact our Werkgeversdesk (Employer Desk). Keep your Chamber of Commerce number at hand. This will help us to speed up our service.

Shared agreement
You are required by law to register your employees with the pension fund. To do this, you must first arrange your affiliation to our Pension Fund. As an employer, you are also obliged to provide the Pension Fund with the correct information. Only then can we arrange the pension for your employees properly. We inform you clearly about what we expect from you and what we do for you.

Affiliation to the Pension Fund
If you are subject to mandatory affiliation, you must join this Pension Fund. Have you applied to the Tax and Customs Administration for a payroll tax and social security number? If so, you will soon receive a company survey from the Pension Fund. Fill out the form and send it back to us. Based on this, we will assess whether your company is subject to mandation. If this is the case, your company will be affiliated automatically.

Change of company activities
Have your company activities changed? If so, please contact us. We will recheck whether you are subject to mandation.

What about the supplementary pension scheme?
You can arrange for supplementary pension for employees with a salary above the maximum wage Social Insurance Funding Act (Wfsv). You can offer this pension scheme in addition to the normal pension scheme as an extra employment condition. You enter into a separate agreement with the Pension Fund for this purpose. Would you like to know more? Please contact the Werkgeversdesk (Employer Desk).

Your wage bill changes
Do your Retail industry activities constitute less than 50% of your wage bill? Please contact us. We will recheck whether you are subject to mandation.

Meer informatie
Wilt u weten of uw bedrijf onder de verplichtstelling valt? Denkt u dat uw bedrijf en werknemers in aanmerking komen voor vrijstelling? Of wilt u zich vrijwillig aansluiten bij het pensioenfonds?

You can read more about this in the documents below.