Marriage, partnership of cohabitation?

Getting married does not affect pension accrual. The same applies to entering into a registered partnership. Marriage and registered partnership are equal before and under the law. This includes the pension scheme.

Declaration of relationship / running a joint household
You can register or deregister your partner by sending a Declaration of relationship/ running a joint household to Pensioenfonds Detailhandel. The completed declaration must show that you run a joint household.

When are you running a joint household? If you and your partner live together and take care of each other. Your partner may not be someone with whom you have a consanguinity or affinity to the first degree and it cannot be more than one partner.

Your partner’s entitlements
If there is non-marital cohabitation, your partner will not automatically be entitled to a partner pension upon your death. There must be a joint household.

Do you not have a notarial deed?
Then your cohabitaion must be registered with the Personal Records Database (BRP) showing that you and your partner live at one address and that the joint household has lasted for at least 6 months.

What else needs to be done?
Marriages and registered partnership are reported to us through the Personal Records Database. So there is no need for you to register your partner, provided this partner does not live abroad. In this case, please contact our Pension desk. Living together does not affect the accrual of your pension.

Please contact our Pension desk. 0800 – 1972