Marriage, partnership or cohabitation?

Marriage and registered partnership (a partnership registered with the civil registry office) are identical in the eyes of the law. Are you getting married or entering into a registered partnership after you have retired? This does not change your pension benefit. Your partner will not be entitled to partner pension payments in the event of your death.

AOW Basic State Pension Marriage, registered partnership or cohabitation do have consequences for your basic State Pension (AOW) benefit: If your partner also receives a basic State Pension (AOW benefit), then you will, from that moment on, each receive the basic State Pension (AOW) for married couples. This benefit is lower than the benefit for unmarried couples. If your partner has not yet reached the basic State Pension age, your AOW pension can be increased to an AOW pension with supplement. If a partner has his / her own income, this supplement may be reduced.

End of marriage or partnership
If the marriage or partnership is dissolved, this will have consequences. You can read more about this at End of Relationship.