New affiliation

You are currently not affiliated to the Pension Fund. However, your affilation is either mandatory or you choose voluntary affiliation. How does your affiliation to the pension fund work, what do you need to know and what do you need to arrange? You can read more about this below.

Is affiliation mandatory for your company?
As of 9 July 2011, the pension scheme of Pensioenfonds Detailhandel has been made mandatory for employers who are involved in the retail trade for more than 50% of their wage bill. Before that, the pension scheme was mandatory for all employers in the sector.

Ex officio affiliation
Should you not return the company survey, we will then assess ex officio whether you will be affiliated to the Pension Fund. This is also the case in case of an incomplete pension declaration, where more than half of the wage data are missing. You will therefore receive an ex officio invoice instead of a premium invoice. An ex officio invoice is based on an estimate or on the most recently imposed premium invoice. It is possible that the ex officio invoice is higher than the premium you should actually pay. Even so, you will have to pay it. As soon as we have received a complete and correct pension declaration from you, the official invoice will be corrected

Voluntary affiliation
Are you, as an employer, not subject to mandatory affiliation, but is your company related to the Retail sector? Or have your business operations changed and do you want to participate in the pension scheme? If so, you may be able to choose voluntary affiliation to Pensioenfonds Detailhandel. Your employees will then build up the same pension entitlements as those of mandatory affiliated employers. Voluntary affiliation is only possible if you are not subject to mandatory affiliation to another sector pension fund.

You can send us a request for voluntary affiliation  in the following situations:

  1. Your salary development is on average equal to that of the collective labour agreements of the retail sectors covered by the fund
  2. There is a group relationship between the employer who wants to join voluntarily and another employer who is subject to mandatory affiliation with Pensioenfonds Detailhandel.
  3. You used to be subject to mandatory affiliation, but now no longer fall under mandatory affiliation with Pensioenfonds Detailhandel.

Would you like more information about voluntary affiliation or would you like to register with us? Please contact our Werkgeversdesk (Employer Desk). Keep your Chamber of Commerce number at hand. This will help us to speed up our service.

How do you register your company with our Pension Fund?
If you are active in the Retail sector, you may be subject to mandatory affiliation. Please contact our Employer Desk dialling 050 – 522 50 98. Or send an e-mail to: Please tell us your Chamber of Commerce and branch number. You will then receive a company survey form from us. With this form we ask your business activities in order to check whether you are subject to mandatory affiliation.

Please register your employees in good time. Has your registration been completed? Then timely register your employees with the Pension Fund. This can be done using the pensioenaangifte (pension declaration). You enter the salary details of your employees in the salary package. You can then submit the declaration through the employer portal. The portal will show you whether your details have been processed.

Do you have any queries about supplying your data? Please contact our Werkgeversdesk  (Employer Desk).

Meld werknemers tijdig aan
Is uw inschrijving afgerond? Meld dan uw werknemers tijdig aan bij het pensioenfonds. Dat kan via de pensioenaangifte. U voert de salarisgegevens van uw werknemers in het salarispakket in. Daarna verzendt u de aangifte via het werkgeversportaal. Op het werkgeversportaal kunt u zien of uw gegevens zijn verwerkt.

Heeft u vragen over de gegevensaanlevering? Neem dan contact op met onze Werkgeversdesk.