Premium payments

For employee pensions you periodically pay pension contributions to the Pension Fund. For this you make a reservation in your payroll administration. Part of the pension contributions may be deducted from employee salaries.

The pension premium you pay is based on the wage data in your pension declaration. Do you have monthly wage payments? If so, you will receive a monthly invoice. Is your pay period four-weekly? If so, you will receive an invoice every four weeks. The delivery and invoice dates show you exactly when this information must be received by us at the latest. You will also see the approximate dates on which you can expect the invoices.

How would you like to receive the invoice?
You can specify how you would like to receive your invoice on the employer portal:

  • By e-mail with pdf attachment
  • By post.

Payment reminders will be sent by mail

Expiry date premium invoice
On every invoice you will find an expiry date. Please keep in mind that your premium payment should reach us before that date.

Are you expecting a refund?
Is a refund mentioned on your invoice? You will then receive the amount on your bank account within three weeks after the invoice date, provided there are no outstanding invoices. To be able to refund you we will need your bank account number. You can notify us of your (changed) bank account number through our employer portal

How would you like to pay?
By default, the method of payment is on transfer. On the employer portal you can specify how you would like to pay the premiums:

  • You can transfer the premiums yourself on receipt of the invoice.
  • You can opt for direct debit on the due date of the invoice.
  • You can make use of iDEAL, provided you have chosen to receive your invoice by e-mail. You will find the iDEAL link in your e-mail.

If your invoice is not correct
Are there incorrect data on your invoice? Please check the wage data on which the invoice is based using the tab ‘Employees’ on the employer portal. In case incorrect wage date have been submitted you can correct this. You then submit either a new pension declaration for  the corresponding month or an adjustment for the period concerned. Should you have questions about the premium level, please contact our Employer Desk.

Direct debit
We can also arrange direct debit for your pension premiums. This will eliminate your worries. You can authorise us to do so through the employer portal.

Our account details
The account details of the Pension Fund are:

Stichting Bedrijfstakpensioenfonds voor de Detailhandel IBAN NL82INGB0002612985