If you move within the Netherlands, there is no need to notify the pension fund. We will automatically receive your new address from the municipality where you live.

Postal address
If you want to forward, delete or change a Dutch postal address, please notify us in writing using our Postal Address modification form.  You can find this form in mijn omgeving.

Should you emigrate abroad, the Tax Authorities can impose a separate assessment, the so-called protective assessment. This is the case, for example, if you:

  • have accrued a pension in the Netherlands, or
  • are entitled to benefits from an annuity insurance policy and the premiums for this have been settled with your income.

When emigrating, the tax benefit that you have thus had is conditionally reversed. The value of your pension rights is added to your box 1 income. This addition will then be increased by the so-called revision interest, compensating for your interest benefit.

There is no need to pay this protective assessment straight away: at your request you wll be given a postponement to a maximum of ten years. If, during this period, your pension is dealt with in the normal way, you can ask for remission of the tax debt.

You will find more information on the website of the Tax Authorities: Belastingdienst.

Foreign address
If you move abroad, there is no need to notify us. However, you do need to deregister from your municipality and forward them your new address. We will then automatically receive your foreign address through the Non-Residents Register (RNI).

Are you moving when abroad? Then forward your new address to the RNI.

Proof of life certificate
If you receive a pension and live abroad, we will ask you for a proof of life certificate on a yearly basis. This is done because death notifications from abroad will not reach us automatically. You are required to fill out the form you receive from us and have it signed by the municipality (or local government) where you live. Please ensure that this proof of life reaches us on time every year. This being the case, we can then pay your pension in time.