Representing pension interests

Once you have retired from the retail industry, there are several parties who represent your pension interests. Among others those are:

FNV Senioren (Senior Federation National Labour Union)
Within the Labour Union, FNV Senioren is the department which represents the interests of retired members with regard to income, social participation, care and living conditions. This is done from a wide social context. As a result the interests of younger and working people are also taken into account. The FNV is committed to both employees and pensioners. Solidarity between generations is the main focus.

FNV in brief: FNV (Federation Dutch Labour Union) dates back to 1982 following a merger between the Dutch Federation of Labour Unions (NVV) en the Dutch Catholic Labour Union (NKV). FNV is by far the largest Dutch Labour Union.

CNV Senioren (Senior Christian National Labour Union)
CNV Senioren represents the interests of retired members. They give information, advise and provide legal assistance in general matters.  Meetings are organised where, among others, new tax measures are discussed. Members can also sign up for courses that give you advice on how to deal with a small household budget. The members of the Seniors department can communicate with each other via a bulletin. Here, information is exchanged, questions can be asked and announcements can be made. The bulletin is sent via e-mail.

CNV in brief: CNV (Christian National Labour Union) was founded in 1909. CNV is a labour union for people working in the  services sector earning a middle-income.

The Association of Retail Trade Pensioners (VGD) represents the interests of those who receive a pension or benefit from a Dutch pension fund related to the retail trade. The VGD cooperates with the Dutch Umbrella Organisations for pensioners (KNVG). The VGD currently has more than 5,000 members. Anyone who receives a pension from Pensioenfonds Detailhandel can become a member of the association. A low contribution is requested. The association is a low-budget organisation and is entirely volunteer-based. The VGD informs its members both via the website and the information sheet OutFit, which is published four times a year. This includes news items, current events and pension-connected topics.

VGD in brief: In 1987, the Vereniging van Gepensioneerden KBB was founded in Rotterdam. An association for pensioners from the former KBB group. Vendex and KBB merged in 2001. The articles of association were amended and the name was changed to Vereniging van Gepensioneerden (Pensioners Association).