Supplementary pension scheme

Employers can participate in our supplementary pension scheme. Under this scheme, employees accrue pension on the salary above the maximum salary under the Social Insurance Funding Act (Wfsv) up to a salary of €105,007. This supplementary pension scheme is a collective scheme. This means that this scheme applies to all employees with a salary above the maximum Wfsv wage. An implementation agreement will be concluded for this supplementary pension scheme.

Who can participate?
The supplementary pension scheme is for employees who earn more than the maximum Wfsv wage and who participate in the Pension Fund’s mandatory scheme. Part-time employees can also participate in the scheme. The maximum Wfsv wage is then calculated proportionally. The current maximum Wfsv wage can be found in the premium overview under Rekencijfers  (Calculation figures).

Both the mandatory and supplementary pension scheme are subject to the same conditions. Risks such as incapacity for work and death are also covered, based on the income.

Pension premium
The premium for the supplementary pension scheme can be found in the pension overview under Premies (Contributions). You can make arrangements with your employees regarding the distribution of the premium.

Want to know more?
Would you like to find out more about our supplementary pension scheme? If so, please call the Employers Desk dialling 050- 522 50 98 or send us an e-mail:

Information for employees
The Pension Fund ensures that you have all the information relevant for your employees. Employees receive an annual pension statement. The pension accrued under the supplementary pension scheme is included in the total amount that has been built up. So the amount accrued under the supplementary scheme will not be mentioned separately.