Voluntary continuation

Participation in the pension scheme can be terminated for various reasons. This being the case, pension accrual at Pensioenfonds Detailhandel can be continued on a temporary voluntary basis if an employee does not immediately start participating in another pension scheme. This prevents a gap in pension accrual. The employee is therefore also entitled to provisions (e.g. in the event of death) that apply to members of this pension scheme.

Pension accrual can be continued on a voluntary basis if:

  • the employee leaves the Retail sector and he or she does not participate in another pension scheme; or
  • the employee becomes an independent entrepreneur or director-major shareholder; or
  • de the employee has lost his job, he can then continue the build-up of his pension through paying premium.


  • the employee has been participating in Pensioenfonds Detailhandel for three years or longer; and
  • the voluntary continuation follows directly on termination of employment; and
  • voluntary continuation has to be requested from the pension fund within nine months after the terminations of emplyment binnen negen maanden na de beëindiging van het dienstverband moet worden aangevraagd bij het pensioenfonds; en
  • the employee must start voluntary continuation before the age of 64. This does not apply if participation in Pensioenfonds Detailhandel was terminated for medical reasons.

Pension accrual can be voluntarily continued for up to three years. The employee then builds up pension in accordance with the scheme as it was when the employment was terminated.

Partial voluntary continuation
An employee who starts earning less will also accrue less pension. Ultimately, pension is based on income. In order to keep the accrual of retirement pension and partner pension at the same level, part of it can be continued voluntarily. This is only possible if the employee:

  • becomes underemployed: or takes special leave, such as parental leave or study leave.

Voluntary continuation can only be terminated by means of a registered letter to the Pension Fund. A notice period of three months applies. It may be possible to transfer the accrued pension rights to different pension fund. Once a voluntary continuation has been terminated it cannot be resumed.

The voluntary continuation shall end without notice by the employee:

  • after a period of three years;
  • if the pension contributions have not been paid on time;
  • on the day before the (former) employee retires; or
  • on the day of the death of the (former) employee.

Voluntary continuation in case of leave
An employee who will earn less temporarily will also accrue less pension. Ultimately, pension is based on income. In order to keep the accrual of retirement pension and partner pension at the same level during special leave, more specifically parental or study leave, pension accrual can be continued voluntarily.

Self-employed without employees
Are you self-employed  without employees (ZZP’er) working in the retail trade? If so, you can participate in the Pensioenfonds Detailhandel pension scheme. This is possible for a period up to three years. During this period, you pay the regular pension contribution (both the employee and employer contribution) and you will benefit from all the advantages of a collective pension scheme.

Pension contributions are normally paid by both the employer and the employee. In the case of voluntary continuation, the premium is paid in full by the employee. The contribution is calculated on the basis of the pensionable salary, unless stated otherwise. For the premium percentages, see the Premium overview.

Would you like to know more about the conditions? If so, please contact the Werkgeversdesk (Employer Desk).

Voluntary continuation request.
Voluntary continuation must be requested within nine months of termination of employment. Based on this request, the employee will receive an offer setting all the conditions.