What choices do you have?

In a number of situations there are a several options available to you, namely:

Have you accrued pension before? Then you can take this with you to Pensioenfonds Detailhandel. This is called value transfer. You can apply for this on your personal page in ‘Mijn omgeving’ (‘My surroundings’).

Do you not want to take your pension with you? Then it will remain with your previous pension fund or pension insurance company. In that case, you no longer pay contributions and you will subsequently build up further pension with us.

At www.mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl you can quickly see where you have accrued pension in the past.

If you get a new job somewhere else, you can take your accrued pension with you to your new pension fund or pension insurance company. You will have to apply for this yourself.

In our current pension scheme, you accrue 70% partner pension. This has not always been the case. It is possible that your total (special) partner pension is less than 70%. You then have the  option to exchange part of your retirement pension for additional partner pension. In that case, you will receive less retirement pension.

This is a once-only option when you retire or when you stop working. Once your pension has started, you cannot reverse it.

When you retire, you might prefer to initially receive a higher pension amount whilst receiving a lower one later on. Or vice versa. This is possible for a maximum 12 years. The low amount is always 75% of the high amount.

You can choose this once you retire. Once you have chosen, it cannot be reversed.

Does your partner have a good personal pension? Or don’t you have a partner (anymore)? Then you can exchange partner pension for an additional retirement pension. However, as a consequence, your partner will not receive any partner pension in the event of your death.

This is a once-only option when you retire. If you have opted for this, you cannot reverse it. If you have a partner, he or she must give his or her written permission to do so.

Do you want to retire before you’re 67? You can. You may start your pension from the day you reach the age of 55. If you retire earlier, your accrued pension will be reduced. And stopping working earlier, you will also accrue less pension. In addition to that you must keep in mind that, at that age, you will not yet receive your basic State Pension (AOW). Inplementing your retirement pension before the basic State Pension (AOW) pensionable age has  tax implications. You can also choose to partly implement your pension. In that case, you must send us your application at least three months before your retirement date. Once your pension has (partially) started, you cannot reverse it.

Retirement at a later date
Would you prefer to retire after reaching the age of 67? You can postpone your pension until your 70th birthday at the latest. If you retire later, your accrued pension will be increased. If you continue to work for an employer who is affiliated with Pensioenfonds Detailhandel, you will not accrue any additional pension after you turn 67.

Did you also build up a pension with your previous employer? Then use the Pension Comparator to compare the two pension schemes.

The Pension comparator will help you to make a well-informed choice concerning value transfer.