What to do in case of a company change?

Your company data have changed.
Most of the data you can change yourself through the employer portal. Please notify us of these changes as soon as possible.

What to do in case of a company change?
New affiliation
Change of legal form
Change of business activities
Discontinuation of staff
Cessation of business

Does the company name or business address of your company change?
A name change, a change of business address or cessation of business are automatically processed in our administration. This is possible through a link with the Chamber of Commerce.

Has your contact changed?
On the Employer Portal, under ‘My Contacts’, you can change the details you have previously entered or add a contact. It is essential that you give at least one contact  the role of ‘Data Provider’. We will then know who we can contact if we have any queries about the data you have submitted.

Have you changed your correspondence and invoice address?
We do not obtain these changes from the Chamber of Commerce. You can simply change these details through the employers portal under ‘My details’.

Has your account number changed?
Please notify us through the employer portal.

What do you need to arrange in case of cessation of business?.
You have to inform all parties involved about the change. You must also deregister from the Chamber of Commerce and draw up a final settlement with the tax authorities. You will receive a letter from us confirming the discontinuation of staff. Upon receiving this confirmation you can stop submitting pension declarations.

What about your employees?
Employees who keep on working in retail will continue to accrue pension with our Pension Fund, based on their new employment contract and salary. Employees who do not yet have a new job can opt for voluntarily continuation. (ß link to voluntary continuation) This must be requested from us within three months of  terminating employment. In all other cases, the accrued pension will remain with Pensioenfonds Detailhandel until the retirement date. In the event of a new employment contract in another sector, an employee can opt for a value transfer.